Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy Monday

I know, it's late Monday, but I never seem to have time to write until the evenings anymore...and almost never on the weekends, which makes me sad. I spend my days with the Bubs though, and when Daddy gets home from work we've been hitting the gym. After all, I've been on my medication for over a month now, and hope it's starting to work. I might as well do my part too. 
What about nap times, you ask? Well, I could blog during nap times, and sometimes do blog during nap times...but I also sometimes nap myself. If not, it is really one of my only times in the day to catch up on cleaning or laundry or dishes...or what I did today, which was make a bunch of adorable little sock owls from the pattern I got off of Craft Schmaft! Mine are a little different, but she has a ton more practice. :0) Besides, being different is what gives them character, right?
 This was my very first little owl. He's not perfect. One eye is a little off, and you can see some thread in his toes, but I love him.

I'm rather fond of this little guy. He was my 3rd. I really liked the blue with the green, so I used it for his beek and belly button.

This pretty little lady was my 5th little owlet. I like her. The little polka dots on her head make me smile. 

I've made 6 so far, and will post pictures of my others soon. I just wanted to share a bit. I still haven't decided what I shall do with my little owlets...One idea over at Craft Schmaft is an Owl Mobile. How cute would that be for a nursery?! 

I'm hoping with more practice that I can make them look even better! I think they are pretty cute now though. :0)


Anonymous said...

HOW adorable! You should sell these little babies <3 I want to try to make one but I seriously doubt it will turn out half as cute!

Coleton's Mommy Cami said...

OMG those turned out REALLY REALLY CUTE <3

How are you liking the sewing machine? Hopefully its working for you :)

Mrs. Mommy said...

Thanks ladies!

Cami, I actually haven't had a chance to use it yet. We've been busy. I did the owls by hand while we were watching the Shawshank Redemption. :0) I am hoping to do Bubba's owl pillow this weekend or beginning of next week.