Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I've Got The Fever

Baby fever that is. Luckily I'm not alone. I think hubby has it too. At the very least I know he's thinking about it. At the Boise Music Festival on Saturday there seemed to be no end of pregnant people and people with very small babies. (Well, there was no end of people in general, but an unusual number of them did seem to be expecting or new parents.) At first I thought it was just me noticing this, but then hubby said "Look at all the babies here today! It makes me want another one!" Women very rarely get to hear that sort of thing from their husbands from what I'm told, so I feel very lucky.

Of course, it's not like we can turn around and just start trying right away. First off, my thyroid and prolactin levels still are not where they should be. Hopefully in the next several months they will get closer to "normal", but it looks like it might take longer than I'd like. That's usually the story with my health though.

I'm also really hoping I can lose a ton of weight now that my medication is where it should be. As my levels creep closer and closer to normal, weight should be easier to lose. We've been going to the gym lately (with the exception of this last week when we were all sick.) and I'm really hoping that it will help. You'd think that my hubby would be a little easier on me, but he is the meanest personal trainer I've ever had. He is also the most encouraging and inspiring, and I have told him several times (After the work out of course. During the work out I usually tell him how much I loath him and threaten that he's never going to get marital relations ever again!) that he should be a personal trainer if this Air Force thing doesn't work out. :0)

In addition, hubby finally got his testing materials for Staff Testing! (He should have had them in January! Everyone else got them and had 5 months to study before testing in May. They will all get their results sometime in August, but hubby won't get to test until almost October. He'll still blow it out of the water, I'm sure, but we aren't sure when he'll get to pin on with all these delays.) He'll sign for a test date now and will test in the next couple of months. He'll spend all the time leading up to the tests studying, so he really doesn't need to be worrying about TTC too. 

Besides, we had a schedule, and we plan on sticking to that as much as possible. Even allowing for our original plan, we wouldn't start TTC for several months yet. Still, it's hard not to think about it, especially when I have many friends who are pregnant or having new little ones at the moment. I figure it can't hurt to plan, especially considering that this is me we are talking about. I am already planning Bubba's 2nd birthday party, and that isn't for almost 9 months yet.

I'm in an owlish mood lately, and am thinking that an owl nursery would be adorable for either a boy or a girl. Especially when I go online and find stuff like the pictures below.

These are little owls made out of socks of all things. They can be used as shelf decor or used to make baby mobiles and the like! I found them at Craft Schmaft where she sells not only the owls, but patterns and kits! I could make these at home in any color I wanted, which would be so neat for a baby room! And they are baby friendly! No small detachable parts or buttons! (She has a blog you can check out here! So creative!)

Then there is Etsy, a site I could easily get into a lot of trouble on! There are 871 items that pop up when you type in a search for Owl Nursery, from wall art to shelves to pillows...which led to another search for Owl Pillows that produced over 1,000 results! I found some amazing things that I would not only love to buy, but would love to try and make too! 

Adorable owl pillow from BWinks! I want one of these badly!

Pink the Owl 

Oscar and Max

This seller is taking a break right now, but I had to show this little owl! How cute is this?
I think an owl nursery is an adorable idea. I am not sure hubby is sold, but I have some time to convince him, especially since we're not even pregnant yet. In the mean time, I would like to try sewing my own little owl pillows. I have no idea how it will work out, but I will certainly share my attempts in picture form when I start. :0)


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Willow said...

I knew what this was about before I even clicked on it, haha. And I think an owl themed nursery would be absolutely adorable! :)