Friday, July 30, 2010

Flashback Friday: Happy BIrthday Sophia

Before becoming parents, hubby and I had the great honor to become an Aunt and Uncle to a beautiful little girl named Sophia. She arrived August, 1, 2006...almost 3 months early. Those first days and weeks were so scary and sad and...well, I can't even describe them. There is nothing quite like looking at and touching a baby that is smaller than most dolls. We could take off our wedding rings and easily push them all the way up her little arms and legs. It was hard, because we lived almost 3 hours away from the hospital she was at, (little did we know how much harder it would be to live across the country) but we were there the day she was born and many weekends after, hoping and waiting and praying.

August, 1, 2006
 With her first birthday card and teddy bear from Auntie and Uncle as Nana touches her leg.

 Our little Peanut.

Small and delicate, our Sophia was a little fighter. Despite the odds, our little Peanut (a nickname she earned the first night as hubby and I sat there with her.) rallied against the worst that her own body could throw at her. From the start she was a miracle and a blessing, and she continues to be to this day.

Before we knew it, she was home! This Sunday she will be 4 years home, a fact that staggers me. I can't believe it's been four years!!! Four years that I have been blessed to be the Auntie to such a wonderful little miracle! She has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and wears braces to help her legs stay strait. When we were home in May she practiced walking with me, which was so much fun! She does many types of therapy, and is starting horse therapy soon! She started pre-school last year, and loves it. She's learning to communicate in so many new ways, and is great at controlling her wheel chair. Despite the many obstacles in her life, she always seems to be smiling. She always seems to be learning. She brings rays of sunshine wherever she goes, and everyone who is blessed to meet her walks away a happier person. I wish so much that we could live closer, but I hope that we will one day!

The birth announcement I made for our beautiful girl!
I wish that we could be there for her big day, but we're sending her love and hugs and kisses from afar!!! (And a package, of course, because we love having a chance to shop for little girls! It's not every day I get to buy dresses and leggings and sparkles.) 
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Bellz Journey said...

What a very sweet post!! Aren't children the best at teaching us the really important things in life? Glad to hear she is progressing so beautifully and with such a great attitude. Hugs!

Emily said...

Following back - great blog!
Emily - thanks for linking up!

*Christie* said...

Hi! I'm visiting you through Flashback Friday! What a touching post. I can't believe she was tiny enough that you could put rings around her arms and legs... I can't even imagine it. I'm so glad to hear she is doing well now!!

Christopher And Tia said...

aaaaaand crying.

first it was out of sadness, and seeing pictures of such a precious little baby, not knowing where the story would go.

and then out of happiness.