Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Boo Boo and The Magical Kiss

I was up super early this morning, and so got to have some "Me Time" before Bubba woke up for the day. As usual, he woke up happy, babbling to himself and his toys until Mommy got in to get him. Hearing his little "conversations" always makes me smile, so I will frequently let him babble away for several minutes before I go in to retrieve him.
Walking into his room, I found him standing in the center of his crib with his blankets in hand, but when he saw me he dropped them both and looked down, bottom lip pooked out in his best "sad face". I walked over to him, sure to have an appropriate look of motherly concern on my face and asked "What's wrong Bubba?"

Eyes cast downward, one little hand reached up to brush across the back of his other hand where two small half-healed scratches had apparently caught his interest today.  They appeared several days ago, from where I have no idea. At the time I had reacted as a Mommy, curious where this newest "wound" had appeared from, and asking both my husband and my one year old what had happened. (As if I were going to get a response out of either of them.) They hadn't seemed to bother him at all, so I had dismissed it as another of those mysterious bumps and bruises that I would never know the story behind. They would heal and be forgotten by all parties involved. (We've had many of those since he became mobile.) 

Today though, they were important. Today Bubba noticed they were there. Today the lip pooked out and little fingers pointed and stunning blue eyes looked up at Mommy with question marks in them. Mommy did what any good Mommy would...Mirroring the somber, serious look given to me by my son I confirmed the worst. "Oh! You have a boo boo!" 

Examining the wound with raised eyebrows and a look of dismay he pointed again and repeated the dire diagnosis. "Boo!" Point. Point. "Boo!!!" He looked up at me again, eyes wide, and thrust his little hand at my face, palm first and demanded in his most official voice "Kiss It!" 
What, I ask you, is a Mommy to do? Beaming ear to ear, because there is nothing quite so wonderful as being made to feel important by your baby (who is becoming more and more independent by the minute), I leaned in and complied with the biggest bestest heal-a-boo-boo kiss ever known to man or beast! I kissed the offered palm, though the horrible boo boo is in fact on top of his hand, but it must have been just right. As quick as a blink he bent down to grab his blankets and then reached up, throwing his arms around my neck and laying his head on my shoulder as he does every morning when we walk out to the kitchen to make breakfast. 
It's a wonderful life!


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Anonymous said...

Aww! I have a feeling this is one of many more to come!!!

But lots more kisses too, so it's not all bad ;)