Friday, April 2, 2010

You Are My Sonshine

Oh my gosh, he is too! I have no idea what I would do without my precious little boy in my life, and I often finding myself wondering just what did I do before? Before my life consisted of rolling around on the floor, bath times, games of tag, walks to the park and all that other "Mommy Stuff", what did I do all day?

Well, my house was cleaner for one. These days I find myself desperately fighting a loosing battle with the laundry, getting dishes out of the dishwasher more often than the cabinets because I haven't had time to put the clean dishes away, and trying to sweep around Parker and his toys while he tries to hold onto the broom laughing!

Even when I was teaching I was never as exhausted at the end of a day as I am now. 23 young children, all with different personalities and tons of energy, couldn't even begin to compete with my son! Usually, by the time he gets to bed at night, I am so tired that I have to argue a very convincing debate with myself to do a bit of cleaning or take a shower. Oh, but how happy I am too! 

I was happy with Michael too! We had a wonderful life, just the two of us. It was often us against the world, and we were usually just fine with that, content in our love for each other. I never, ever want it to seem like I did and do not love and adore my husband, with or without children. I have read a quote recently that about sums it up:

We had each other, then we had we have everything!

We do too. In my husband and son I have everything that I could ever have wanted in life! I know that some people would consider that sad. they would say I need to be happy, just me, in my own life too. To that all I can say is that I am happy in my life. I am my own person with my own interests and responsibilities. But I don't believe that we, as humans, were meant to be alone. I don't think a person can really be whole without family and friends. (The two are often one in the same.) And I am so blessed in my friends...and the blessings of my family are...just wow. I can't express in words.

I have this amazing son who lights up my ever day! There is nothing like waking up in the morning to him calling for me, or his grin when I walk into his room! I can not express how it feels to watch him play and discover new things. There is nothing to compare to the pride that I experience when he does or learns something new and I can think to myself "I taught him that! He knows that because of me!" And when, in the middle of his day, he stops playing just to walk over to me, wrap his arms around my neck and give me kisses or grins...I know how amazing life is, and how amazing God is! 

Never before my son could I understand how God must love us! I often used to wonder how he could forgive us for the terrible things we do as a race. How Jesus could have been willing to die for murderers and rapists...but I get it now. There is nothing Parker could do to make me stop loving him. I might be disappointed. I might be angry. But I will always love him. I would gladly die for him and his life. What an amazing love it is, between a child and a parent! Between our Father and his children!

Parker is a new experience and lesson every day for me! He is pure love and pure happiness! I never imagined that I could be so blessed in life, or that I deserved such a blessing. I don't, not really, but I will spend the rest of my life trying to! 

His is my happy, my joy, my light, my baby boy. He is my son. He is my sunshine!!!

Thank you for reading!


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pantrymama said...

Adorable! Found you through New Friend Friday. I have two little guys (16months and almost 3) and I sing you are my SunshineS to them everyday:)

Rebecca -