Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Love It When He Calls Me "Mama"

In six weeks, my baby boy will turn a year old. A year ago I was huge and pregnant. I was at the point where I wanted to see my baby, but knew that our little Bunny Boo needed to be in a little longer. I wanted to know if I was having a boy or a girl. I wanted to see their face and count their fingers and stroke their hair. I wanted to breath again! 

It feels like it was yesterday.

I never knew I could love someone so very much! I love it when he reaches his little arms out for me to hold him! It makes me feel just great!

I love it when he is sleepy so he snuggles his little face into my neck and then rests his head on my chest. He so rarely snuggles anymore, there is far too much to do in his day, so it is a rare treat.

I love it when he grins up at me, showing off his beautiful little teeth! I remember when his little grins were all gummy. I miss those grins, but I love these too.

I love it when his Daddy comes home and his little head whips around and he just beams to see his favorite person walking in! His little arms fly out and he babbles excitedly, telling Daddy all about his day, with the occasional "DaDa!" thrown in when he wants to emphasize something very important!

I love it when he learns something new. His little eyes light up and his little smile gets wider and he frantically gets the attention of the whole room to show off his new accomplishment!

I love his bath time! He loves his baths and we spend lots of time playing and splashing and washing. Then we get to snuggle all up in a towel and wave and give kisses to Mirror Baby. 

I love how he talks to his toys in the morning. I can lay in bed and listen to him babble away. Occasionally he giggles or squeals or hollers a little. Then, when he is ready to be up, he will stand up and call for one of us to come and get him to start his day.

I love how he reads to me! When he gets out his books and crawls in my lap and I read to him, he will then often grab the book back and flip through the pages, reading to me in his little baby babbles! I love that!

I love how he gives kisses to everything. His toys, Mirror Baby, the pages in his books, people he loves...everything gets kisses!

I love his toes! Love them!!!

I love how he will reach up and stroke my face sometimes, like he just wants to feel it. 

I love how gentle he is. He doesn't hit or throw things often. If he does reach out quickly towards one of the animals or something all you have to say is "gentle hands" and he instantly pets softly and giggles! 

I love how sweet he is! We truly were blessed with one of the sweetest, kindest, mellow, gentle little boys I have ever met! I am so happy and so blessed and so in love with that!

I love so many things about our son! I love everything about our son! He is the greatest blessing I ever could imagine being given, and I thank God every day for him! I have not done anything in my life to ever deserve such a blessing, but I will spend the rest of my life trying to be worthy of this greatest gift!

Oh yes...

I love it when he calls me "Mama"!!!

Thank you for reading.

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Lindsay said...

Such a sweet post Holly! I can't believe our little babies are going to be 1! *tear*