Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

Parker, Daddy, and "O Boy"

I love having Michael on Day shift. Since he joined the USAF he has been on Swings, which didn't leave much "Us" time...or even Parker & Us Day Shift is a wonderful change for us! Of course, just having him home is a wonderful change too. 

Him being on day shift also provides us with the opportunity to take unplanned trips to Boise in the evenings if we so choose, which we did yesterday. Michael and Parker both had unused gift cards from Christmas (I had used most of my Barnes & Noble card, though I still have a little money left on it) and they both ended up using those cards. Michael's was from Best Buy, of course, and he got a new router. Please don't ask me anything else about it, because I would be unable to tell you much more than its color and how many lights are on the front. (Seven, in case you were wondering...and they are blue.) 

Parker's was from Build a Bear, which is also Mommy's favorite store! We were there for Parker though, and I patiently held up each and every animal until he picked which one he wanted, a black and white Portuguese Water Dog that Parker named "O Boy". (Daddy & Mommy: "What's his name Parker? What's the dog's name?" Parker: "Dog. Dog. Oh Boy!" Daddy & Mommy: "Yes, 'Dog'. What is his name?" Parker: "Oh Boy! Oh Boy!") So, O Boy is now a part of our family...the easiest pet we have to care for.

The ladies at Build-a-Bear remember me from when I was pregnant, so they always show Parker a good time when we go in there with him. He got to step on the peddle to stuff his dog and the lady spent a long time talking and playing with him, despite the people waiting behind us. It's a fun place...even if Michael calls it Satan's Playground. He is not a Build-a-Bear fan.

On the way home, with Parker asleep in the back, O Boy in one arm and Tiger in the other, Michael and I got to talk. I love it when we talk in the car. We're not watching TV, or trying to feed Parker dinner or clean the house...We just get to drive and talk. We talk about politics, (which can actually be enjoyable when you're not talking to idiots) God, (which is something I love talking about with my husband!) Parker, (one of our favorite subjects) our future plans, including children, (Yes, we are already discussing more children, but because we want them to be as planned as possible, and with some of my health problems that can take a lot of advanced planning...we are not TTC yet!) what we might do and where we might go after the military...It's just some of my favorite conversation time with him! 

So, between a trip to BAB, dinner with my amazing husband and wonderful son, and the great conversation on the way home (we have decided that we must try to give Parker a little sister, not right away, but eventually), it was a very good evening with several of my favorite things in it.

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