Monday, February 8, 2016

It's Another "14,000 Things" Kinda Day

I had no idea what to write about today. There is so much going on, but so little of it was interesting, so I pulled out 14,000 Things to be Happy About again and flipped to a random page for inspiration.

What a random thing to jump out at me, but it did, which, of course, made me curious. I shifted over to Google and typed in meaning of the name Keir. Google is not the most reliable source to be had, but it seemed like a good place to start. 

One of the most reliable name sites out there, according to the super secret underground baby naming circles on the internet (this is a thing), is According to Behind the Name, Keir is a rare Scottish/English masculine name derived from the surname Kerr. Kerr means "rough wet ground" in Old Norse. Well, that's not very interesting, so back to Google I went. says that Keir, pronounced keer, is Irish and means "Dark/Black". actually gives four different options for meaning depending on the background of the name. (And she's supposed to know, right?) The Celtic meaning is apparently "Dark skinned.", the Gaelic meaning is "Dusky; dark-haired", the Irish meaning is also "Dusky;dark-haired", and is the name of actor Keir Dullea, and in Scotland it is apparently a surname occasionally used as a first name in the last hundred years or so. 

Lacking an actual Irish or Scottish person to call up and ask, I'm going to have to take Google's word for the fact that Keir means something about darkness. If anyone has any insider information I would love to hear about it. I feel invested now. Two hours ago I had no idea this name existed, and now I feel like I need to know. 

And that's your daily dose of random blogging nonsense from a mommy with three kids in bed who is avoiding doing any more laundry today with nothing to do. Maybe someday this will come up on Final Jeopardy, winning you hundreds of thousands of dollars, and you'll take a moment to remember the blog that started it all. You're welcome.

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