Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Amazing Katie!

I love being home for a multitude of reasons. Not in the least being that it is a chance to have our family pictures done! I love getting the pictures, but I also love having a chance to catch up with my dear friend, Katie, who I have known since high school, and who takes such amazing pictures that I have never been tempted to go to another photographer. (Despite the 1,200 mile drive to see her.)

Anyways, we had our pictures taken, and she got them back to us in record time. (Again, because she is awesome! If you need pictures done go to Katie! Katie Counts Photography! Make a note of it! You can find her on Facebook or at her web site!) Even with E being a bit of a bear, Katie was nothing but patient and wonderful! Its taking everything in me not to just share all of them, but I'll try to control myself and just share a few.

I love them, Katie. As always, you are amazing!


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