Friday, December 5, 2014

The Many Christmas Adventures of Luke Jeremiah & Sunny 2014 Edition: Part One!

For someone who was reluctant to start this elf tradition two years ago, and who thought that the elf was rather creepy to begin with, (I can't believe I ever thought our darling Luke creepy!) I am certainly very excited to see him come back every year. And this year, Luke brought a friend along!

Night One: We soon found out, from Luke's annual welcome letter, that this newcomer was his brother. He requested that we take good care of his brother, and also that we come up with a suitable name for our newest elf. I was just a littler bit nervous, since it was agreed that Sebastian should name this one (since he had been too young to really have an opinion when Luke arrived Christmas of 2012), but he eventually came up with "Sun. Like the sun outside, Mama." and we all agreed that "Sunny" would be an appropriate nick-name. Thus, we now have Luke and Sunny the elves in our home for Christmas this year!

Night Two: Much like the brothers Gordon, it seems the brothers Elf enjoy a rousing game of Connect Four! I'm not sure of their rules (since it seemed by the number of chips left that Luke had taken more turns than Sunny somehow), but I'm not always sure of Parker and Sebastian's rules either. It seemed they were both in the position to win, and Parker and Bash were more than willing to help them finish the game when they came down that morning. (It is still strongly contested who won.)

Night Three: December first, and Sunny and Luke rang in the happy month by bringing us an advent calendar with the instructions to use the pictures behind the doors as suggestions for ways to decorate the house. (There are now daily squabbles about who will open that day's door, and 11 somehow got opened by mistake instead of 3 on the 3rd, but it's been fun overall.)

Night Four: Parker had been very concerned about how our elves managed to get any food in them since they are so busy at night. Luke and Sunny were sure to have a hearty snack of cranberry sauce to keep up their strength. Can't have one of them passing out on the job after all!

Night Five: Luke and Sunny brought us a gift! A box full of puzzles, puzzles featuring other elves just like ours, and it seems that they couldn't help but put a couple of them together over night. I will have to be sure to write thank you notes to them both, as the puzzles have provided hours of entertainment for our little boys. (And moments of peace for Mommy.)

Night Six: The countdown has officially begun. While three weeks seems ever so long to an impatient five and three year old, it seems like almost no time at all to a Mommy and Daddy with so much to do before Christmas morning! Apparently our elves thought I needed a reminder about how little time I have!

Night Seven: Wheeeeeee! Luke and Sunny had a blast sliding down the railings!

Night Eight: We went and got our trees (yes, I did say trees) today. Apparently Luke and Sunny wanted to get a jump on the decorating. :)

*happy sigh* I simply love this time of year! I can't wait to see what else our little elves have in store for us this Christmas. 


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