Monday, June 30, 2014


We had a thunderstorm tonight. It wasn't long or terrible, but Michael and I both noticed the a strange hue to the sky as the storm was passing. Since, if we were back home, an add hue could mean anything from an impressive sunset to an impending tornado, Michael went outside to peek at what was going on. Moments later I heard him call me from the front door. 

"You need to come look at this! And grab your camera!"

Grab the camera? This had to be good! And it was!

None of these pictures have been put through a filter or edited at all. (Except to crop and add my watermark.) What you see is what we saw. These were looking towards the West.

Looking to the East. 

Sebastian and Parker came outside to look too, and after a few minutes of "Oooh" and "Ahhh"ing, Parker ran back inside to watch the end of American Ninja Warrior. (Because both of my boys are going to grow up to be warriors, in case you were unaware.) Michael followed him in, but I stayed outside to snap my pictures, and, to my surprise, Sebastian stayed with me. My little boy, the one who absolutely refuses to step out the door without his shoes and fully dressed (though Parker will run into the back yard with his jammies on if I give him the okay), ran out onto the rain soaked pavement with peals of purely joyful laughter. He tip toed through puddles and delighted in the footprints his wet toes made on the porch. Then he ran around trying to make friends with a local bunny, jabbering at him in a reassuring way as he attempted to get closer enough to touch. The rabbit was never alarmed enough to bolt, (none of the ones on base really are unless you actively chase them, which my boys won't do) but would hop a few paces away and turn to look back at him, ears perked up as if he was actually listening. Bash is a bunny whisperer. :)

I watched this, my heart filling up with that special kind of joy that I never experienced before becoming a mother, as I snapped pictures of the sky. His bunny friend was hopping leisurely in the opposite direction from the house, so I called his name to keep him from walking too far away from me. Without missing a beat, he turned around, grinned, and struck a pose. He's a natural. :) He can't be my son. 

Good show tonight, Colorado! You just might be growing on me. Keep putting up sky shows like this and you'll have me won over in no time. 


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