Monday, December 30, 2013

The Many Christmas Adventures of Luke Jeremiah the 2013 Edition: Part Four! Merry Christmas, Everyone!

This is it! Our last Luke post of the season, and what a Christmas season it has been! I already miss our little elf friend, and I am not sure how the boys are going to feel in the morning when he isn't there to greet them. Hopefully three days of Christmas toys will be enough to keep them distracted, though I anticipate tears. Hopefully I can pull up these pictures, remind them about all the good times, and help them look forward to the fun we will have next year.

Night Twenty-Two: Apparently, Luke has made a friend. really now, look at those cheeks! How could you not find them kissable?!

Night Twenty-Three: While I know that Luke loves his job and his family, I imagine that it sometimes gets lonely at night, being a little elf all alone in a great big house. It makes perfect sense that Luke would seek out friends. Tonight it seems he found another little elf, one that has been in the family for decades, to hang out with. They both look very happy in their new found friendship. 

Night Twenty-Four: Sometimes you just need to relax in a warm, bubbly bath with a glass of wine and a good book. Now, our dear Luke wouldn't be sipping on wine, but doesn't he look relaxed? The next few nights are going to be a busy, hard push for our little Christmas helper. He's earned a little relaxation. (And how cute is that little claw foot tub?! Seriously now?!)

Night Twenty-Five: This was all Grandmama's idea, and I really like it. Apparently, Luke had some last minute Christmas mail to send. (Pictured with our Yule Log, which it took several nights for us to convince the boys that part of making a Yule Log is burning it.)

Night Twenty-Six: We were at my mother's house on night twenty-six, because we were celebrating Christmas with them the next day, which was Christmas Eve. Luke managed to find his way to us even though we were somewhere different, and he took advantage of some of Mom's musical decorations while we all slept.

Night Twenty-Seven: Christmas Eve night, and our darling Luke became almost angelic, eagerly waiting for Christmas the next morning. (And the morning of the 26th, when we celebrated a third Christmas, because Christmas in Ohio can't be confined to just one day.)

It was an amazing month with Luke here! He helped us get ready for the holidays, and even stayed a few extra days due to our extended Christmas, Daddy coming home, and Mommy's upcoming birthday. (And maybe Mommy forgetting several nights in a row to put him up and write his farewell letter contributed to him staying even longer than we had originally planned.) I loved being home this year and getting to experience all of this with my family, and I think Luke did too. I'm already looking forward to next year when Luke will be back to make more Christmas memories. He might even have a new friend that comes along with him...

Goodbye for now, Luke! Merry Christmas!


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