Monday, September 2, 2013

Curious Quill Academy

Today was my big boy's first day of school. 

In case I haven't mentioned it before, we have decided to homeschool. It might not always be there way. It will depend greatly on where we are living at the time and what we feel will be best for each individual child as they go through the levels of their education. We will always do what we feel is best for their education, be that at home, public, or private school. For now, we both feel that homeschool is the best for the boys, especially Parker, so that is what we are doing.

I've been teaching them since they were born, but today Parker started his first "official" day of preschool at Curious Quill Academy. I cried. I cry about everything, bet especially the things that show me how very fast my children are growing. Wasn't he just a baby? Now he's a scholar!

We went shopping for school clothes this past weekend. He ran through Carter's picking out shirts and pants with enough enthusiasm to put my usual Carter's giddiness to shame. I was very surprised that the first two shirts he picked out weren't even red!

Neither was the shirt he picked to wear on his very first day of school. Instead, he picked his blue space shuttle shirt. My little man has a thing for space, you see. I think we will probably do a red shirt for his school pictures though. After all, we don't want to wander too far from our familiar path. :)

Now, usually children don't go to school on Labor Day here in the states, and I would usually have gone along with that holiday. However, Daddy had a 4 day weekend this weekend, and starting school today would mean that Daddy got to be there for it. There are so many milestones that Daddy has missed over the years, and there will be more still. When we have a milestone that we can plan around him being home, why wouldn't we? 

I think everyone was very happy to be involved.

100% disclosure here. I was scared. It makes zero sense to me that a classroom of 25 children didn't make me miss a beat, but one child of the same age had my knees knocking. Perhaps because it was my child. Not that Parker is particularly frightening, but I feel like there is more on the line with him. Not to mention that I don't have that air of mystery about me that most teachers do. He knows exactly how far he can go with me, and I him. It could be an advantage or could bite me in the rear. We will see.

There were some bumps along the way today, but overall I think it was a very successful first day for both student and teacher. I'm looking forward to using the lesson plans I've been writing and re-writing over the last several months. 

Oh my gosh, Mommy! Can we stop taking pictures and get to the school stuff already?


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