Thursday, August 15, 2013

One Week Old

Rowan is ONE WEEK OLD today! Happy week, Rowan! 

My family has been amazing at keeping us updated with pictures, e-mail, and texts. It has made being so far a way a little easier to handle. I don't know what I would do without the technology. 

The boys are in love! I think that Rowan might be the baby that helps convince Sebastian that we should be able to have another baby in the family. (We just have to convince Sebastian and Mother Nature.) Every time we get sent a new picture of her Sebastian begs to give my phone or the computer hugs and kisses, and he has the cutest way of saying "Bay-bay Ro!"

I can't wait to get them all together!

Enough talk! Here are her one week pictures! (Taken by my amazing grandmother, Rowan's Great-Grandmama!)

Rowan with her Mama, my SIL, Stephanie. 

Baby smiles! 

This was the blanket that I made Rowan for her Baby Blessing. Apparently she loves it, but is unable to stay awake on it. I wish I could make Put Them To Sleep Blankets for everyone's baby! I think I would be a billionaire in less than a year! 

A beautiful little family! 

 Sleeping baby.

 Screaming baby!

I adore her face! 

Beautiful girl!


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