Friday, January 6, 2012

A Week Through My Lens: Week 1

So, here's a new game I'm hosting over on my photography blog: Life Through My Lens. It's called A Week Through My Lens, and here is how you play:

1. Keep your eye out during the week for interesting things to take photographs of. It doesn't matter who or what it is, the idea is to be out there taking pictures. 

2. Every weekend blog about a week through your lens. Show off your pictures in a collage or just in a long post. Again, it doesn't matter how many. One great photograph is just as good as 100 great photographs. Share the story of your week in words or just let the pictures tell the story...doesn't matter. Just get those pictures in a blog! Make sure you put my A Week Through My Lens button in the blog somewhere, or at least a link back to Life Through My Lens.

3. Go back to Life Through My Lens and link up your blog post. (Please leave a link to your A Week Through My Lens post, not just your blog!) 

4. Check out some of the other people who have linked up and see what they did this week! Make it fun for everybody!

5. The most important part...HAVE FUN!

How simple is that? And I think it will be a blast!

Usually I will have more pictures, but I'm sick. A cold, ear infection, and pink eye don't leave me feeling like going through several hundred pictures tonight. Besides, this one pretty much sums up my week.

Oh,  I love my boys!

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