Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dinosaur Polar Bear

Today I met a Dinosaur Polar Bear. Perhaps you have never heard of one. He is a very elusive creature. Freshly bathed and snuggled in new jammies (which, by complete coincidence, have a polar bear on them), he stalks the bedclothes in search of victims in the quickly disappearing moments before bed time. He blends in, letting out only the occasional giggle to strike fear into the hearts of those he stalks, then pounces with an impressive "Raaaaaawwwwr!", leaving his helpless pray unable to defend themselves due to a horrible case of the giggles! He then informs the one he has pounced upon that "You can't get away from me, Mommy! I have big teeth!"

Vicious he is indeed until bedtime is announced, at which time he wraps his arms around Mommy and Baby Brother, planting messy kisses on both, before he leaps down and follows Daddy (on all fours I might add, feet and hands both flat on the floor) down the hall to his room. Dinosaur Polar Bears then relish in a story and prayers before wrapping Daddy up in an equally fierce hug and kiss and bidding him goodnight. 

*sigh* All is well in my home this night.

It has been one of those great days you just wish didn't have to end. Before our adventures with our Dinosaur Polar Bear friend, then entire family turned into Buzz Lightyear and ran about the back yard this afternoon. Daddy got to be Buzz for a very little while before having to be Woody, who can't fly. (Poor Daddy) And, apparently, when there are multiple Buzz Lightyears in one space they must alternate between chasing eachother and spinning around in circles until they fall down in a dizzy pile. (Mommy Buzz hadn't done that in years, but managed to keep her lunch down.) 

We also played hairdresser, in which Mommy made the attempt to cut Bubba's hair. He decided, of course, that this game would be much more interesting if the one getting their hair-do wriggled and wiggled around like there were ants in his pants. Michael has now decided that I should be able to cut his hair while he runs through the house trying to dodge me. I wonder what the people he works with will think. I'll be sure to take pictures.

If you add a successful bath time, where Parker reported to me that it was in fact Bulstrode the Barge who splashed all the water out...with a little help from end with Big and Little Brother in matching jammies and snuggle time (with none other than a Dinosaur Polar Bear), it has been an absolutely wonderful day where I am seeing my blessings around every corner. It was a day I needed after the week I've had, and I thank God for it! I hope everyone feels even just 1/100th of the joy I have felt this day!


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