Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ladies Day Rescheduled & Ina May

So Ladies Day, my day I've been waiting for for months and months and months, turned into a slight bust. We went alright, and everyone was excited and cooperative...except for Baby Legs, whose cooperation we desperately needed.

My surprise for my grandmother, mother, sister, and cousin (who is also Parker and Legs's Godmother) was to take them to a 3D/4D ultrasound so that they could "meet" Legs. I was giddy with excitement! It was something I'd wanted to do when I was pregnant with Bubba, but the money we had saved up for it ended up going towards a car emergency, so it was a no go. This was to be my first chance to experience something like this, and I loved that I was going to get to share it with the most important women in my baby's life. (And Parker, of course.)

Well, despite the fact that there was more than enough room in my uterus, and the tech said she had some great opportunities to see the "goods" (which we do not want to see of course), Little Legs happily kept his/her head buried against my placenta, peeking out only long enough to laugh at our attempts before s/he wiggled back into hiding.

The few times we did get to see the face, Legs wouldn't hold still long enough to get focused in on a picture. Unlike his/her big brother before, Legs doesn't ever really have a "quiet time" during the day. Parker was much, much more active at night, but Legs is my mover! From the time I first started feeling him/her (which was very early at 11 or 12 weeks) there doesn't really seem to be much of a time s/he isn't on the move. I usually love it. Not so much when we are trying very hard to get pictures of our baby for all of us ladies and Daddy.

That was another thing that made it so frustrating, the place I went for the ultrasound does a free live stream to military families who are deployed, so Michael was going to get to watch the baby live as we watched. But, without his/her cooperation, all we got were fleeting glimpses of a foot, a hand, what was undeniably a smile, before Legs would flip over or wiggle or bury his/her face again against my placenta and start to chew. Yes, my child is chewing on my placenta. Vampire baby!

I did get a DVD of the session, and was able to take some screenshots of the little trickster to send off to Daddy, though none of them are great. And the ultrasound place rescheduled me for this upcoming Saturday to try again. It is wonderful that they do that, though it makes sense considering what they charge for those things! I am drinking even more water than I have been, hoping to fill my uterus so full of fluid that Legs can't hide his/her face, though I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much. I was terribly disappointed on Saturday, and don't want to repeat that feeling again. It would be nice if Legs just cooperates this time, even if it's only to get a few really great pictures. (Here that Baby? This is Mommy, ordering you to be good!)

From the screenshots I got from the DVD you can see a couple of very interesting (and adorable) things. First, it looks like Legs has my nose! Parker does too, and I love that. I like that I get to share a feature with my children like that, as I do not share my nose with anyone in my family. Secondly, just like his/her big brother before, Legs likes chewing on his/her toes. Many, many times you could see perfect little hands pulling a perfect little foot up to a waiting mouth. Tsk, tsk, Legs! I get after your brother for that! When Legs did peek out at us there were undeniably smiles on his/her little face, as if s/he knew exactly how frustrating s/he was being! 

Parker, who was watching "his" baby on the little screen in the room (there was also a huge one up on the wall), reached out suddenly and hugged the screen with the biggest smile on his face. I might be biased, but it was one of the most adorable things I've ever seen!

So, we will try again this upcoming Saturday, which also happens to be Michael and my 6 year wedding anniversary. If it all works out, it should be a great thing for us to share on our anniversary, even if we do have to share it from opposite sides of the world. I will post pictures of both last weeks and the upcoming ultrasound soon. Hopefully the new ones will be great!

I am also reading Ina May's Guide to Childbirth in preparation for Legs's upcoming arrival, and I have to say that if you were ever even considering trying a home or natural birth you need to read this book! It is just amazing, and I'm really starting to feel that I can do this! I will have to write more about it soon, but since this is already quite a lengthy post, I'll sign off for now!


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