Friday, October 22, 2010

The Look Whooo's Blogging Award

I have decided to found my own blogging award. I read so many great blogs every day and would love to share them with others and give them an award for the amazing blogging I feel they do! So, I proudly present to you the very first winners of The Look Whooo's Blogging Award, brought to you by Letters Arranged Into Words! (And the letter "W")
The Look Whooo's Blogging award has been created to celebrate blogs that entertain, inform, and touch lives! Blogs that have substance and heart behind them!

If you have been awarded the Look Whooo's Blogging award, display it with pride. It means your blog has touched someone, somewhere, at sometime!

To accept this award, post it on your blog (in either the sidebar or a post) then write a post where you give credit to whoever gave it to you, finish the following sentences, and then pick 8 others to give this award to and also post them in your post. Pick blogs that you love to read and that you would love to share with others!

1. If I could have one thing, no strings attached, I would want...

2. My dream job is...

3. My favorite book/book series is...

4. If I could vacation anywhere in the world, I would go to...

5. There is one thing that NO ONE knows about me. That thing is...

6. I have chosen to pass on this award to 8 other blogs! Those blogs are:

The First Ever winners of the Look Whooo's Blogging Award are (drum roll please):

Cami at Holding Myself Accountable! I think it takes a lot of guts to blog about what she does on this blog, and I feel she deserves recognition for that!

Alex at Footprints in the Snow! This young lady has left footprints in my heart, and there was no way I could leave her out of this!

Alishia at Diary of a Maryland Chic! Alisha is just a great woman, a loving mother, and one of my dearest 'never-met-friends'. Never one to hold back, her blog is always a fun read!

Cami at Life of a Domestic Engineer! She is this wonderful, creative person with so much to share and give! I think everyone should experience such a person in their lives!

Sara at Tales From A Pope! Come on, with a name like that, how can you not want to read? Sara is an amazing wife and mother, and someone I feel many would relate to!

Tia at The Adventures of Christopher and Tia! The creator of Flashback Friday and such a wonderful, creative wife and mommy, there has never been a time I have read her blog where I haven't been inspired, cheered, or awed!

Danielle at We Don't Have It All Together! Really, who does? Danielle is such an amazing person, and her blog is just as wonderful!

KC at One + One = Four! I adore this blog! It's a blog that tells the simple story of a family, but one that everyone could relate to!

and as a special 9th award (because I can do's my award after all)...

Kaley at A Tale Of Three Poags! I could not, in good conscience, give an Owl award without including Kaley! :0)

There you have it, fellow bloggers! Share the love, and congrats to the first ever winners of The Look Whooo's Blogging Award!


Danielle @ "We Don't Have It All Together" said...

YAY!!! Thanks so much, I can't wait to get some free time to write up my post!!!

Christopher And Tia said...

What an amazing award!! I'm crazy flattered. Thank you. And such kind words to go with it. This is the exact reason that I blog.

KCB said...

This is a great award idea, and I'm so touched that you nominated me!!!

Thank you, hun!

The Domestic Engineer said...

Thank you hun for awarding me 2 <3 I am just now checking and updating my blogs since I have been super busy....But THANK YOU THANK YOU!