Thursday, October 7, 2010


What a busy, exhausting, and emotionally draining several weeks I've had. Many things have not been good, and I will probably update about them in a later blog, but I have some AMAZING news right now that I just can't keep to myself. After all, when your boys do great, you have to brag on them right? 
Today my husband found out that he made Staff Sargent! Some of you will remember that they had really messed up getting his testing materials to him, and so he didn't get to test in May with everyone else. In fact, while all others who take the test have their materials to study from for 6 months or more, my husband had 60 days in which to cram once he got his materials. 

Still, despite all that, he made it!!! And in the top 94th percentile for everyone who tested this year! I am so amazingly proud of him! I can't even begin to express it! He will not actually sew on his rank until sometime next Summer. They don't have everyone who passed sew on at the same time to avoid a huge surge of rank and pay raise all at once, and the order they sew in on is based on many different things, the last of which is what their actual score was...but he made Staff!!!!

I am so, so, so, so proud!!! You did great Baby!

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Brianna said...

CONGRATS!!! What great news!