Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thank You For Being A Friend

This morning, June, 3, 2010, Rue McClanahan passed away of a stroke at the age of 76. 

 To those of you who don't know, Rue was one of the fab four who starred in the Golden Girls from 1985-1992. It was an amazing show! I used to watch it with my Great-Grandmother, making many wonderful memories! I then started watching the re-runs on Lifetime when I was in my teens, and never missed an episode for years, even the re-runs! I could probably recite most of the shows by heart at this point, and Michael could probably get pretty close too. (Heaven love him, he watches them with me! He likes them too!)

I am really sad. I almost feel like someone I know has passed away. I felt them same way when Estelle Getty passed away in July of 2008, followed by Beatrice Arthur in April of 2009. The last of the fab four,  Betty White, turned 88 this year! I think part of the reason I am so sad is thinking how she must feel having lost another of her good friends. 

I'm not sure what I want to put across in this blog except that I am sad. Watching the Golden Girls brings back wonderful memories for me...but it also makes me a little sad now. I wonder if my great-grandmother has got to meet them in Heaven. That would be very interesting!

Thank you, Rue, for the laughs! Thank you for the memories! Thank you for being a friend!

The Golden Girls: Blanch (Rue), Dorothy (Beatrice), Rose (Betty), & Sophia (Estelle) 


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