Friday, June 11, 2010

Flashback Friday: Sophia Marie

This weeks's Flashback Friday was going to highlight my brother and my high school graduations, since we both just celebrated our graduation anniversaries this past week. (9 years for me, 3 years for him.) I couldn't find our pictures though, so will have to go with something else. Maybe graduation pictures will take over the spotlight next week.

THIS weeks Flashback Friday is going to take us back to May 2007. We had taken a day to drive up to Bowling Green to visit Michael's mother and sister and our beautiful niece, Sophia, who was 9 months old at the time. Michael and I had got her her very first Build-A-Bear, Poppy Bear. We were visiting because Michael was leaving in just a couple of weeks for BMT, and we knew it would be many months until he would get to see her again.

We LOVE this little girl, and miss being close to her so much! (This is what she looks like now, BTW. Isn't she beautiful?!)

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Tiffany Harkleroad said...

Following both this and your book blog, but could not get the comments over there to work.