Friday, June 25, 2010

Flashback Friday: MHAFB

This weeks Flashback Friday goes back to the second day of 2008...Four days earlier we had left Ohio for the adventure of driving across a freezing country, almost getting stranded in mountains (which I had never seen before), celebrating New years in a hotel room with our dog and two cats, and finally arriving in Idaho at our first Air Force base. In Idaho. The picture above was taken as we drove through the front gate for the very first time. I guess you could say we live in a gated community.

Within a day we had been assigned our first military home. A three bedroom, even though we were childless at the time!!! (We got lucky. The waiting list for homes was 4 months, and we usually would have only been eligible for a 2 bedroom, but this is the oldest neighborhood on base and the house had been rejected, so it was offered to us!) We didn't have any furniture yet, it was still making it's way to Idaho, so we drive to Wal-Mart (it's a 20 minute Wal-mart...) and bought an air mattress, some sheets, a lamp, and curtains for our bedroom. (Not having any curtains or blinds was really creeping me out.) Things were bare, but we were actually very happy with our empty home!

our dining area

our "bed", Jake, and Shamrock

we bought some things for the bathroom a curtain...


 Gnome the Traveling Garden Cat in his new home. Gnome is another post entirely, but there are many pictures of him traveling cross country with us.

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Mommy Elephant Sarah said...

OoOoOo I want to hear more about Gnome!! :)

Christopher And Tia said...

My husband has a lot of family that lives in Nampa, and Boise. So, Mountain Home is on our dream sheet. Its not my ideal place to live, but I certainly don't want to stay in Texas forever. Maybe someday we'll be stationed at the same base?

Danielle @ "We Don't Have It All Together" said...

Wow! 3 bedroom, that's awesome!

Vallimasoos said...

Following from Friday Blog Hop!

Jess Craig said...

wow. all base housing really does look alike.

Mrs. Mommy said...

I promise to write more about Gnome soon. I love him!

Tia, maybe we will be stationed at the same base one day! That would be pretty neat.

Danielle, yeah, but we don't have a garage, so our 3rd bedroom is storage. The houses are also about a billion years old and slated to be demolished next on the bases remodeling.

Jess, I think it does for the most part. The newer housing is newer, but also has many similarities to the older housing like we have.