Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Baby I'm Amazed By You

My son amazes me! This is a daily occurrence. I am so blessed to have such an amazing little person in my life. The last few days he has been particularly amazing though!

Last night at dinner Daddy and Parker were going over their colors. Daddy would point to something and tell Bubs it's color, and most of the time Bubba would happily repeat whatever color Daddy had said, grinning happily when we applauded his efforts. 

Later in the evening as we were snuggled together reading his bed time story I started pointing out more colors. I pointed out the red on his clothes, and my orange t-shirt. I seriously thought that he was just repeating what we were saying, not really putting two and two together...until he pointed, very specifically, to the blue lettering on my shirt (which I had not pointed out) and said "blue". I was floored!

Fast forward to this morning. I was eating a sausage and egg breakfast biscuit, and of course I was sharing it with my little man. Before giving him bites I would blow on them just to make sure they weren't too hot. Several bites in I did this then held it out for Parker who then leaned in and blew on the bite very carefully. He did that for every single bite after that, and it was so cute that I kept giggling. (And he looked at me like I was nuts, but I didn't care.)

I know this is probably small fries to most other mommies, especially 2nd or 3rd time mommies, but to me I am constantly amazed by him! Never does a day go by without him making me smile or teaching me something new! I am firmly convinced that my baby is some kind of child genius. After all, who but a genius would be running around my living room in nothing but a bright blue cloth diaper, his "Dude" shirt and a brand new pair of sandals?! That's the outfit of someone brilliant I tell you!


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